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17 nov. 2011

Purple Me

Hey Guys ! Below is a little Screen shop of my Tumblr archive (http://lstudioctumbr.com). Those months I don't have so much time to write, so its quicker and easier for me to use Tumblr... Enjoy !
Ps : Je participe au Jeu Concours par Trendy Workshop, Votez pour les escarpins Purple (violets) que j'ai créé ! ICI
Those two pictures were taken a Week-end with my Bestfriend in Paris !
I am wearing a Headband New Look (Paris) and She is wearing the Hat I bought in England last Winter.

Those are some Graffitis on a Wall in Montmartre (Paris, France).
I am actually interested in them since I have visited Copenhagen with last Summer. Some of them are so Cool !
Paradise by Coldplay : I discovered it the day before leaving for Denmark. (I visited my Boyfriend for 5 days !!!). It was my Song there !  "When she was just a Girl she expected the world !".

and a few pictures I like (Yeah, I love skulls !) :

I found this Picture on the Gala Darling blog ! Her lovely Blog.

I LOVE Skulls ! I saw this one last August
at Urban Oufitters in Copenhagen !

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