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18 févr. 2012

Sister by Sibling (London FW)

Voici le Crazy Défilé que j'ai Découvert en Jonglant entre Top Shop et le site de la London Fashion Week ! (et la Poupée Barbie...: here)
" Designer Names : Sid Bryan, Joe Bates and Cozette McCreery. / Origin: Yorkshire, Leicester and London respectively. / Design Background: Before setting up SIBLING, the designers each worked for many brands and design houses, learning that it is “never as easy as it looks and most importantly that invaluable lesson in how not to do something. Also if all else fails :  cup of tea, a nice biscuit and laugh!”Design signatures: “On the SIBLING family tree SISTER is on the branch right next to brother SIBLING so you can expect Colour, humour, Sparkle and that everything will be knitted.” How would you describe the SISTER by SIBLING woman? “A girl with a good sense of humour and a fun, happy attitude.” / Trademark piece? “We like mutating classic, traditional knitwear designs or techniques so the Knit Monster Scare Isle comes to mind.” / Autumn/winter 2012 inspirations: “Paris, Texas; Advanced Style; lady-like.” / What does 2012 hold for your brand ? “It will be the first time we show during LFW on models and that's exciting. Being pure-knit we always love the autumn/winter season and hopefully it will be a good one.” / What is your favourite decade in Fashion ? “We dip into so many areas it's hard to pinpoint one and for SISTER by SIBLING we pilfer from all different decades from the soft twinsets of the fifties to the zip-fronted jacquard leopard and lounge pants of modern sportswear.”  "
Sources : London Fashion Week

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