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16 juil. 2012

Icona Pop , Santigold

ICONA POP, their website and their facebook. An Interview on Pitchfork. "The Swedish duo behind the electro-pop blast "I Love It" talk about pushing cars off of bridges, Prince's perfection, and their forthcoming full-length debut.(By Tyler Grisham
When we ring up the ladies of Swedish duo Icona Pop, Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo, they're getting ready to be inked by a friend at his Stockholm abode. Jawo is refurbishing two old tattoos into a "big lady with a panther" while Hjelt will walk away with "two bones crossing each other and two Eiffel Towers on my arm." The occasional high-pitched needle buzz pierces through the phone line. While some might get nervous at the thought of imminent permanent markings, Hjelt and Jawo sound perfectly casual, which makes sense considering this fashion-minded pair have a penchant for putting as much thought into their visual presentation as their music. After originally meeting at a party hosted by Hjelt-- "it was love at first sight," she muses-- the pair of twentysomethings became fast friends and, before long, they were drinking bottles of wine and writing songs together. They established their fizzy synth-pop sound with a single ("Manners") and an EP (Nights Like This) last year. And this month's monstrous (and monstrously catchy) kiss-off "I Love It"-- produced by Patrik Berger (Robyn's "Dancing on My Own") and written by UK upstart Charli XCX-- is nothing less than one of the best pure pop tracks of the year thus far. The song is the lead single from Icona Pop's forthcoming full-length debut, due out this fall and featuring production from Style of Eye, Elof Loelv, Avant, the Knocks, and more. "The album is a reflection of how our lives are right now," says Jawo. "It's chaos-- but in a good way." Currently, the only U.S. show the duo has scheduled is June 22 at Brooklyn's Glasslands Gallery, but if you're in Scandinavia, they have a few more upcoming appearances as well. Pitchfork: I know Charli XCX wrote "I Love It", but have you ever actually done any of those things you sing about in the song, like throwing someone's shit in a bag and pushing it down the stairs? Aino Jawo: Almost! No, but there is a love story behind it. And it was so strange that Charli wrote the lyrics, because it was exactly what happened in my life. Caroline Hjelt: When we heard it, we were like, "No, no, no, rewind-- that's our song." It's about when you're tired of being sad. You wake up and you say "fuck it" and then you go and just try to break free from all that. Pitchfork: So did your personal experience lead to anything as crazy as pushing a car off a bridge? CH and AJ: No comment ! Pitchfork: How did you hook up with Charli in the first place? AJ: We met in Sweden, because we wrote together with [producer] Patrik [Berger]. We were actually doing another song in the studio, and Patrik showed us Charli's song. CH: Patrik was like, "This is Charli XCX. You should do something with her sometime, because she's awesome." Pitchfork: Do those giant, fringed jackets in the "I Love It" video belong to you? CH: Oh, yeah, we made them! We were going to Paris for two shows, and we didn't have anything to wear. All of our clothes were in Sweden, so we had to make something new. It was a very fun 24 hours in Paris, where we shot the video. It was just friends following us with a camera. It was intense. AJ: Intense and romantic. It was crazy. I slept for two days after that trip. CH: I got sick. Pitchfork: How do you feel about getting almost as much attention for your style or fashion sense as for your music? CH: I don't see anything negative about that. It's a bonus. AJ: We are honored that people think that we have some kind of style! CH: We were at fashion week in New York last year, and I really enjoyed how people were actually wearing art. You can say a lot with fashion-- it's an art form, if you choose it to be. Pitchfork: I'm curious about the line in "I Love It" that goes, "You're from the 70s but I'm a 90s bitch." Is the 70s line about an older man? AJ: Yeah, it was this older, gorgeous man. It's about having different opinions, and when you're in love you can sometimes see them as beautiful. But that line is more about: "I'm fed up of your stories about what you will be like when you get older." CH: You won't get smarter. AJ: Age ain't nothing but a number. Icona Pop: "Lovers to Friends" (via SoundCloud) Pitchfork: How do you feel about the positive reaction to "I Love It"? AJ: The past two weeks have been crazy. CH: We're in this very nice chaos-- "I Love It"-chaos, we call it. We get inspired by the response, so we've been in the studio writing more songs. One song each day. "You can do whatever you want to and call it pop." Pitchfork: Are you spending time in the studio right now? CH: We have songs for maybe five albums at the moment, but we just want to keep on writing. When you feel it, you have to go with the flow. Maybe I will not feel it one day, and then I will have to search for it, but right now I don't have to do any searching, just writing. Pitchfork: What will the album sound like? CH: There will be a very big mix on the album. We've been working on it for two years now, and you can really feel it. It's been a journey. But there's something nice about the fact that the record doesn't have a theme or anything that connects the songs together.Pitchfork: What is your live setup like? CH: It's just the two of us. We have a DJ set, Ableton Live, pads, a lot of effects pedals, and four microphones. We are trying to be massive. We want to make electronic music more alive. Pitchfork: Who are some of your favorite pop acts right now? CH: We listen to the Chemical Brothers a lot... AJ: That's not pop. CH: You can do whatever you want to and call it pop! AJ: Also: Robyn, Britney Spears, Daft Punk... CH: ...M83, Florence and the Machine... AJ: Tupac... that's pop right? CH: That's pop for sure. [laughs] Pitchfork: If you could collaborate with any anyone right now, who would it be? AJ and CH: Prince. AJ: Timeless. CH: Gorgeous. AJ: He wears heels. That's the only thing you want to see in a man. If a man can wear heels and pull it off, that's like... CH: "Whoa." AJ: It doesn't get more pop. "
SANTIGOLD, their website and their facebook.

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