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20 nov. 2012

Teleport 2 Me - Kid Kudi

Ça me fait penser à moi... Pourquoi faire simple quand on peut faire compliqué...? About Distance Relationships... "Teleport to Me". Ci - dessous le super vidéo clip du titre par Kid Kudi, mais aussi une Vidéo du Backstage !

Getting in from the Airport, you getting in from the Study group. The only thing missing at this point is bona fide chillin time with you. I can't stand the times when I'm alone at night. And I feel your side of the bed and it’s cold Wide awake, I don't know the time Cause I'm too busy texting you on my phone Saying I want you girl, I need your body right here. Won't you teleport to me ? You call out to me through the light I know you must be close The moment when I realize it's all in my mind The moment I hate the most Somebody help me out, does anyone care ? Can anyone hear me ? Is there anyone there ? I'm over the loneliness and I can't close my eyes Without you by my side.

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