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13 avr. 2013

L’Officiel Netherlands

Styled by Djuna Bel
Body by Kiki De Montparnasse (website)
Have a look to American Stylist Djuna Bel's website.
Here is an Interview of her I found on Creators of Desire
This Girl is living my DREAM LIFE : slyling juggling between New York and LA !
Ci-dessous une Interview de cette Américaine. Cette Fille a une Vie de Rêve : Styliste, jonglant entre New York et Los Angeles !
"How did your career as stylist began and from where it took off to the stage where you are now? I moved to New York at 17 and had a bit of a successful run modeling. A few stylists I'd worked with took me under their wing as assistant now and then, but at the time I felt more inspired to open my own vintage shop called Fox & Fawn with my friend Marissa. When I moved to Los Angeles for the love of my life, i realized i really missed the excitement of styling. I put my heart into it and discovered a consuming passion for what I do. It's been a really wonderful journey. 
You have worked for some big brands and magazines? Can you tell us your most memorable styling job and why? My most memorable shoot might be my story with Charlotte Gainsbourg. I was just getting my bearings in LA and met one of my best friends Lauren Dukoff. She and i are both huge Gainsbourg fans, and Charlotte was a total dream to work with as well. But every job has been amazing - every commercial and editorial i meet some really amazing people who inspire me every day.I also styled a 10 page story with Devendra Banhart with the beautiful and talented Lauren Dukoff. Devendra was really game for anything so i was really able to exercise my creativity. We transformed him into a leather-boy skater at one point; and had him in the Rodarte closing gown at another. I love when my work feels more like a collaboration between friends than anything else 
Where are you most proud of ? I'm fortunate enough to feel a deep pride in every project I undertake. i'm so happy I wake up in the morning and be able to do what i love most. It still blows my mind. I feel really lucky. 
With which celebrities have you worked and who has a special place in your heart? I have to say that I've really lucked out in that I can develop a rapport and an air of fun and humor with almost everyone I style. Obey Maguire is one of my favorite people in the world. He's so talented and driven and really funny. He also has an amazing eye and interest in art and architecture and is a really amazing father.
Can you describe your personal style? Someone recently described it as "Beach Goth." i am into that. A touch of death rock but never a fear of color.... and never over-thought. On the closetvisit.com readers could take a look in your mega closet, if we talk addiction which clothing or accessory piece you can't get enough from? As i'm sure you will quickly see i am a collector of Raquel Allegra and Christopher Kane. It's a sick obsession really.
How do you personalize your outfit? I never put too much thought into it. I sort of let my intuition guide me until I've assembled something I can feel really strong with. Confidence is the key to any outfit. 
You are living in Los Angeles, and work in New York, which city do you love most and why? Oh that's so tough. I gave New York 8 years of my life and i'm not willing to give it up. But there is a level of comfort that LA provides, the quality of life is so amazing, the richness of the landscape, and the weather of course... they're both such different beasts. Can I just love them both equally? "

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