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12 oct. 2013

Office Max

Marie Claire UK asked some of the most successful, creative, and resourceful execs in the country how to transform any area into a hub of inspiration. Here, their top tips. 

Go bold with color
"We call our office the pink palace. Everything, including the walls and furniture, is pink, pink, pink. It's the way we Benefit-ized the space to give us inspiration. In the entrance we have a fireplace with chandeliers and family photos. It feels just like home, and it's pretty much the girliest place you can work." Annie Ford Danielson Global Beauty Authority for Benefit Cosmetics San Francisco, Calif.  

Make professional use of kiddie art
"My three-year-old son's artwork is prominently displayed because it reminds me that in a world where we need to be very rigid in some ways, particularly on the operations side, but we still need to push the envelope and be creative." Beth Ferreira Chief Operating Officer, Fab.com New York City

Your decor is your billboard
"I work out of my 3,800-square foot open-plan apartment—I don’t have a home office, per se. My place is styled after a bar in Shanghai. It has black walls and is filled with the results of a lifetime spent hunting flea markets and junk shops—it’s very stimulating for my clients who are looking to change the game." Cindy Gallop Brand consultant and founder of IfWeRanTheWorld New York City  

Exploit natural light
"I've designated half my bedroom as studio space and work on a blonde wood drawing table. It's right next to the window so it illuminates the workspace. Since I'm working most of the day, I need to get all the benefits of natural light, which really can't be compared with any lamp or overhead light." Samantha Hahn Illustrator, Well-Read Women: Portraits of Fiction"s Most Beloved Heroines (Chronicle Books) Brooklyn, NY  

Solicit off-the-wall ideas
"Monday morning staff meetings start off with people sharing ads, products and articles they read over the weekend. We pin them up and talk about them. The one caveat: they cannot be food related. This way we learn (and steal) great ideas from other industries." Tracey A Altman VP, Marketing & Product Development, Fresherized Foods Saginaw, Tex.

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