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21 avr. 2014

Frankfurt - D6

Instagram Pictures from my D6 in Frankfurt !
 1. The Contemporary Zeil Galerie (Shopping Mall) and its spectacular high tech façade (their website here) 2. Urban Outfitters Fitting Rooms ! 3. Urban Outfitters (Roßmarkt 13, 60311 Frankfurt am Main) Interior Design 4. My new Real Leather Wallet bought at Urban Outfitters ! (You might buy it online Here)
1. Louis Vuitton Store New Opening ! 2. Scotch and Soda Store (an Amsterdam Brand I discovered online) 3. Salvatore Ferragamo Window. You know I am in love with Leopards ... 4. So happy to see an Urban Outfitters Store ! (Roßmarkt 13, 60311 Frankfurt am Main) The last time I visited one, it was in Copenhagen !
1. FrankFurt ! I liked this typography in the Underground ! 2. View from the ex-BCE 3. In the Urban Outfitters Store 4. "Du Bist So... Schon" In the same Underground

1. UO DownStair Interior Design (There were plenty of illustrated Skate Boards on the Mens Wear Floor) 2. UO Interior Design : I need that pastel chair !!! 3. BCE 4. What I am about to buy... Wallet and Vintage World Map !

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