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18 août 2014

Minni Havas Illustrations

"If Monday had a face, I would punch it !"

Minni Havas est une Illustratrice basée en Finlande à Helsinki. Ayant étudié le Design de Mode à l'Université d'Art et Design d'Helsinki, elle se concentre aujourd'hui principalement sur l'Illustration de Mode. Minni utilise des coloris situés quelque part aux confins du réel et de l'Imaginaire.

" Minni Havas is an Illustrator based in Helsinki. Having studied Fashion Design at the University of Art and Design Helsinki, her focus is mainly on Fashion Illustration. Minni uses colour pencils to draw pictures with Magical Colours somewhere in the borderlands of the real and the Imaginary. "

" Known for her photorealistic drawings of girls, Minni grew up admiring her dad’s airbrush Art Collection. The way of Minni’s working is very technical and quite slow. At the moment, she works with Collages of Photographs. “I take a hand from one image, a face from another, and the hair from somewhere else” she explains. In the future, her Dream is to get a Photographer, and maybe also a Stylist, to work with. "
" She always draws by the window. In the end, she uses Photoshop only to make the drawings look like they were on paper again. Minni aims to maintain a sensation of authenticity in her work – the childlike feeling of ‘wow, someone actually drew that by hand’. "
“ I’m intrigued by the possibilities of drawing,” Minni says. “I can draw things from my head that would be impossible to photograph.” On the other hand, she gets very inspired by interesting looking models and the challenges of simulating reality."
" Lately, Minni has been working on Illustrations for Magazines as well as drawings for projects such as Advertising Campaigns or a series of stamps. She is also starting up a Clothing Collection in order to expand her work into 3D. Like this project, Minni is open for contrast and multidisciplinary challenges in commissions to come – and dreaming of making a big Fashion Editorial for one of her favourite magazines together with her in-house photographer and stylist to be. " Bio by Juxtapoz