. . . A sa boulimie de Cerises, à son style pacotille. Un océan de pensées , Je t'offre une symphonie de couleurs . . . La vie est un jeu de cartes, Paris un Casino . . .

28 févr. 2015

Black & White Amsterdam

" You drew a Map so we’d remember all the places that we went to and although we never meant to we lost it on our way. You drew a map so we’d remember how to get back to the highway. But instead we followed moonlight and were completely lead astray. We have traveled this way, all of our days we will keep on following the dotted lines till we find a better place. We took a trail down to the beach where we heard the music play before the fires they when on forever. Tike flaming jewels upon the shore. We sat there soaking up the starlight and sang along to every song though we didn’t know the words we made them up as we went along. "

A écouter : "I Don't Want You" - Voyageur :