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6 avr. 2016

In April Girl ... Work like a Boss

20 Art Creations I loved this Week ...
1. " I am not Messy, I am Creatively organized ..." (Studio Stationery Post Card / Carte Postale) 2. "Elizabeth" A Seattle Apartment via the Apartment Therapy 4. A Green Vintage Book Cover (via Pinterest)
5. In a HUGE need for Swimming Pool...! (Instagram de @bazazas) 6. Be a Flamingo in a flock of Pigeons ... (The Rusty Marquee) 7. The Flower Power (We Heart It) 8. Neon Cat Sculpture by Pacifico Palumbo 9. And Other Stories Platform Sandals
10. Shopping ? Waste of Time ... and Money, by the Brazilian Artist Rachel Denti 11. First of all, You are really pretty... (via Tumblr) 12. 13. Work like a Boss ... (Pinterest)
16. Via the Saatchi Gallery 17. Girls Girls Girls ! Ban Do Pop Up Shop (via Emily Henderson)

18. " Invasions "by Charles Petillon 19. I unfortunately do not know the Author of this Amazing Woman Photograph (via Tumblr) ... Some help maybe ? 20. Ice Cream Sign by Jess Lewis