. . . A sa boulimie de Cerises, à son style pacotille. Un océan de pensées , Je t'offre une symphonie de couleurs . . . La vie est un jeu de cartes, Paris un Casino . . .

5 oct. 2016

Fall Winter Vs Magazine : Looking for Success

' Milla Jovovich joins her daughter for the Fall-Winter 2016 Cover Story of Vs Magazine. Photographed by the German Ellen Von Unwerth (her IG), the pair play immigrants who travel to New York City during the Great Depression looking for Opportunities and Success. Stylist Vibe Dabelsteen (her IG) has selected a retro 30's inspired wardrobe including pieces from the Fall-Winter 2016 Collections. Milla and her "Mini Me" are absolutely captivating in the Designs of Prada, Chanel, Gucci and more. '

Art Direction by Jakob FS
Where ? Abandoned New Jersey Train Station

Prada Plaid Coat - Arberta Ferreti Gown