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12 janv. 2017

Manu Atelier

" Beste and Merve Manastır, as the co-founders of the brand and the daughters of one of the oldest handcraftsman and leather goods manufacturer in Istanbul, Turkey; have launched MANU Atelier in February 2014 under the umbrella of "Yeşim Çanta" which was established in 1976. The desire of presenting their father's artisanship and unique talents in creating and manufacturing handcrafted leather goods; brought the sisters together as business partners. Besides being luxury handcrafted leather goods brand, MANU Atelier also embodies the designs of other designers. The brand aims to preserve its loyalty to the old, while presenting its products to modern women of the new age by combining premium leather with pure handcraftsmanship.

"Our father is a handicraftsman since 1961 and our childhood passed by combining the vestigial leathers and by making miniature handbags with them. Handbag is the most tangible face of our childhood and infatuation with our father and his artisanship. Smell of the leather which ties the past and the present.. A father who started apprenticing for his masters to become a craftsman and became infatuated with it when he was only 11.. Mini backpacks and waist bags that he made for us when we were little.. The balcony of his first atelier above Istiklal Avenue.. Beyoğlu district, infatuation with history and craftsmanship.. These were in existence both in our hearts and our minds while we were dreaming about this brand. And they will always be. In brief, the history of MANU Atelier has already started many years ago when we were yet two little girls; it was just born in February 2014." -Beste Manastır and Merve Manastır