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7 août 2017

Fashion & Luxury Career News

Fashion and Luxury | August News

Vous travaillez ou recherchez du travail dans la Mode, le Digital, le Luxe et souhaitez rester 'à la page' ? Je partage avec vous ci-dessous à nouveau quelques articles intéressants (en anglais sorry !) sur les News du secteurs et quelques "Career" piece of advice !

Brand Content and Customer Experience :
- Marni Market debuts in California at South Coast Plaza
- Miu Miu looks to outside artist to broaden its Women’s Tales

ECommerce :
- Alibaba continues high-end ecommerce push with Luxury Pavilion launch
- Saint Laurent links with Farfetch for omnichannel retail in China
- Selfridges extends ecommerce experience to big-ticket jewelry 
American Apparel prepares to relaunch its website
- The Real Real Consignment is attractive to Gen Zs, who prefer secondhand Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton

Social Media :
- There are now over 3 billion social media users in the world 
- Fendi taps Instagram, Snapchat navigation for animated engagement
- Condé Nast continues Snapchat strategy with market-specific channels
- YSL helps customers find the right foundation shade on Instagram
- What can Luxury learn from beauty influencers ?

Career Advice :
- How to nail the ultimate to-do list | Go for quality over quantity, make your list visible, do the thing you least want to do first, be specific, do a mind dump. |
- How to create a more productive workspace | Scent your way to success, buy a cactus, let the sunshine, crank up the classical music. |

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